The European Passport Initiative is the way to meet and network with fellow professionals with a shared interest in project management from across Europe.
European Passport Initiative
You can now attend PMI Chapter events in Europe and grow your knowledge and networks, and it does not have to cost you a fortune!
If you are a member of any of our participating Chapters below, when travelling abroad you can attend events,* at all these Chapters, at their local member's only rates!
This exclusive, members-only offer is brought to you by the European Passport Initiative signed at Rome on 27 April 2017.
We look forward to seeing you at our next event!
(*Note: Event in this context refers to any live or virtual (webinar) member event including conferences and is subject to availability)
To make use of this service:

Signed in Rome on April 27th 2017


1 - Click on a Chapter below and choose the event you want to attend.


2. Fill out the form below. We will send you joining instructions within 10 days.


3. Attend events, conferences and meet new people and enjoy!


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