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Getting MORE from your Chapter membership

A few decades ago, travelling to Europe or communicating with people who speak a different language was not part of everyday life. Not any longer. Advances in technology and transport have made the world smaller. Today, our members follow customers and opportunities outside their home countries with increasing ease. Until now their PMI Chapter membership could not travel with them.

European Passport Initiative - Valencia 


Esta iniciativa en la que participa el capítulo de Valencia es la manera de conocer y establecer contacto con compañeros de profesión con intereses comunes en la dirección de proyectos de toda Europa.

Con la iniciativa "European Passport", los socios del capítulo de Valencia pueden asistir a eventos de otros capítulos en Europa y aumentar su conocimiento y redes de contacto, sin que suponga un gran desembolso.

Si eres miembro del Capítulo de Valencia y te encuentras viajando por Europa, puedes acudir a los eventos de todos los capítulos que participan en esta iniciativa, al mismo coste que sus socios locales.

Esta ventaja, solo para socios, se consigue gracias a esta iniciativa que se firmó en Roma el 27 de abril de 2017.

El enlace a “European Passport” es donde podréis ver los capítulos que participan en esta iniciativa, acceder a sus calendarios de eventos y solicitar la asistencia a cualquiera de ellos.

Os animamos a usarla aprovechando vuestros viajes.

Recibid un Cordial Saludo

La Junta Directiva del PMI Valencia Chapter 

Passport2 800

Carissimi soci del PMI Central Italy Chapter,

Come vi avevamo anticipato, in occasione del recente Leadership Institute Meeting EMEA 2017 tenutosi lo scorso 28-30 Aprile a Roma, è stato firmato un accordo tra i Chapter Europei del Project Management Institute, che prevede una serie di facilitazione per i nostri soci. 

In 505 BC Athens was the first city in the world to have a democratic government. 2521 years later, Athens hosted the Presidents from 31 European PMI Chapters who all came together for a very special meeting on October 21st, 2016. This meeting has the potential to change the landscape of the European project management industry for the it's very exciting times right now.

I was honoured and excited to facilitate the afternoon. Executive workshops are always fun to facilitate; however, when the group is made up of 31 passionate project management experts, things are bound to get interesting!

Why did the PMI Chapter Presidents meet?

Togetherness, that's the simple answer. Everyone in the room believed that by working together, they would be able to better serve the European project management community and enhance awareness of the value of being involved PMI.